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Sauce Suggestions

Here you'll find different suggestions for cooking from customers like yourself using our famous Peter Luger Sauce, not to mention ideas on how to prepare some of the finest meat around - Peter Luger Steaks! This will give you an idea as to how customers have used our products in the past and not just for steaks but for many other meals as well. Give'em a try and let us know how they were.

  • Peter Luger Sauce is a fabulous marinade for your favorite meat, pork or poultry. Marinade should be used for 1 hour before broiling or baking.
  • Mix Peter Luger Sauce into your meatloaf or hamburger meat for extra flavor.
  • Combine Peter Luger Sauce with two parts mayonnaise for a tangy Russian Dressing.
  • Add horseradish to Peter Luger Sauce and serve with shrimp as a zesty cocktail sauce.
  • For wonderful flavor use Peter Luger Sauce on eggs instead of ketchup.
  • Peter Luger sauce on whitefish salad is out of this world!